Free CLE: Environmental Due Diligence in Commercial Real Estate Transactions

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May 7: Environmental Due Diligence in Commercial Real Estate Transactions

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Contact Roy Fenichel, Esq. or 646-695-7925

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Free CLE: Distressed Real Estate and Bankruptcy

Free CLE:

May 2: Distressed Real Estate and Bankruptcy

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Contact Roy Fenichel, Esq. or 646-695-7925

Title is Vital!

Job Posting: Construction Supervisor Sought For Manhattan Retail Space

Real estate development company seeks energetic, “can-do”, dynamic-thinking supervisor with 10+ years of hands-on construction, ground-out and fit-out experience to oversee fit-out of 40,000-square foot retail space in Manhattan. Salary: $175,000.

E-mail resume to Bruce Hurwitz, Hurwitz Strategic Staffing

Trademark Counsel Opportunity in CA

NBCUniversal has a Trademark Counsel opportunity in Universal City, CA

See details here and apply online at
(job # 7021BR)

Thank you Christina Monteiro for sharing the information!

2013 Maurice Fenichel Memorial MLB Predictions

2013 Maurice Fenichel Memorial MLB Predictions

Playoff and World Series Predictions:

American League Playoff Teams: Blue Jays, Orioles, Angels, Tigers, Athletics
Battle for the Pennant: Blue Jays over Tigers.

National League Playoff Teams: Nationals, Braves, Reds, Giants, Dodgers
Battle for the Pennant: Giants over Nationals

World Series: Toronto over Giants

The American League East Predicted Standings:

Blue Jays
Orioles WC
Devil Rays
Red Sox

One’s view of how powerful the AL East will be this year may well depend on how much trust one has in the newly revamped Blue Jays. If one thinks former Mets Jose Reyes and R.A. Dickey will repeat their All-Star appearances from each player’s final season with the Mets, thus leapfrogging Toronto over last year’s AL East front-runners, then one may see the AL East as baseball’s best division. However, if you think Toronto still has work to do to make up their 20-game deficit last year, then one may still go with the West. The money here is on Reyes, as long as he’s healthy, to spearhead the league’s highest scoring offense in 2013, and Dickey could approach 25 wins. And as much as it may displease to say it, the Yankees will still be a force to be reckoned with based on what could be the division’s best pitching staff. Rivera returns to head up perhaps the league’s best bullpen, and CC Sabathia, Hiroki Kuroda, Andy Pettitte lead an oldie-but-goodie top of the rotation that can run with any in the division. Plus Gardner and Ichiro will generate runs in the absence of all of the all-or-nothing power. Tampa will always contend, despite a mediocre offense, so long as they keep producing top starting pitching. Baltimore has Showalter now and may thus be an AL East force for years, or at least until he leaves. The Red Sox are always dangerous if healthy, but they don’t ever seem to be healthy anymore and have lost some big guns.

American League Central Predicted Standings

White Sox

This continues to be a division of one have, and four have-nots. While Chicago made surprising strides last year, Detroit gets Victor Martinez back and has by far the division’s best offense coupled with perennial Cy Young contender Verlander heading up a solid all-around pitching staff. Kansas City will be much improved, but is still at least a year away and Minnesota needs more time that that despite the league’s beset catcher. Cleveland could surprise with a retooled offense, but lacks the pitching to contend.

American League West Predicted Standings

Athletics WC

The West is the most up for grabs as to which team will win the division. Oakland, with its strong pitching and rookie of the year (ROY)/MVP Candidate Yoenis Cespedes led the way in 2012, but few think they have the offense to repeat as division champs. The Angels seem to be the 2013 favorite based on adding superstar Josh Hamilton and with expected full years from 2012 ROY Mike Trout and superstar Albert Pujols. However, while the Angels may score plenty of runs, the exodus of SP Dan Haren may lead to painful starting rotation results, and Hamilton probably will not hit in Anaheim nearly as well as he did in Texas. Speaking of Texas, their offense takes a hit from Hamilton’s departure. While new DH Lance Berkman may pick up much of the slack, while healthy, replacing injured starting pitchers will be Texas’ biggest headache this year. Seattle’s offense and pitching are retooled, which will help in the future…but not this year. But at least Seattle will be better than Houston.

AL MVP: Miguel Cabrera. Hard to repeat, but for a future HOF in his prime, with all-star teammates.
Runner up: Home Run Champ Jose Bautista is back, and Mike Trout would have to regress an awful lot not to dominate again.
AL CY Young: RA Dickey, Toronto. To boldly go where no knuckler has gone before.
Runnerups: Verlander, Price.
First-time AL No-Hitter Candidates: Yu Darvish, RA Dickey, Max Scherzer

National League East Predicted Standings

Braves WC

Almost did it. Almost picked the Mets ahead of Philly. The Mets are younger. And they’ll get better when the kids come up. But Philly gets the edge for one more year. The Nationals are young. The Nationals are talented. The Nationals run deep. The Nationals are coming in first. Atlanta has the offense to run with the Nationals, but not the pitching. The Phillies got old in a hurry, but with Hamels, Cliff Lee and what’s left of Halladay are enough for third. The Marlins sold the stable. Giancarlo Stanton is a monster at the plate and could easily lead the league in homers, but why pitch to him?

National League Central Predicted Standings:


The future is finally now for the Reds. They may not have the starting pitching to make a deep playoff run, but their offense may be the league’s best. The Brewers are talented, but the pitching staff may not be deep enough. Cardinals are still good but no longer dominant. The Pirates are on the way up, but need contributions from more young pitchers. The Cubs no longer have the Astros to kick around and will solidify last place.

National League West Predicted Standings

Dodgers WC

This division could be up for grabs but until proven otherwise, San Francisco has the pitching to go to the World Series. Dodgers have purchased a playoff spot the Steinbrenner Way, and Donny Baseball will keep them on their toes, but postseason is once again about pitching: Do the Dodgers have enough healthy horses? Diamondbacks lost Upton and thus the chance to compete this year. Rockies are…..better than the Padres.

NL MVP: Joey Votto; Runners Up: Braun, Kemp
NL Cy Young: Clayton Kershaw; Runners up: Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels, Matt Cain, Stephen Strasburg
First-time NL No-Hitter Candidates: Stephen Strasburg, Matt Harvey, Clayton Kershaw, Yovanni Gallardo

10 Things to look for if you are a . . . .

Mets fan:

1. A Matt Harvey no-hitter
2. 25 homers from the catcher position (they hit five last year)
3. David Wright’s first 30-30 since 2007
4. Zach Wheeler not to be called up until he walks fewer batters.
5. Travis D’Arnaud not be called up until he develops a good rapport with Wheeler
6. Matt Harvey tossing fewer pitches per inning (2012: pitched into the 7th only twice in 10 starts)
7. Parnell to become dominant closer the rare times the Mets have a lead
8. Murphy to triple last year’s 6 home runs.
9. Ike Davis to hit 40 homers.
10. Trading young pitching to the Oakland As for a young outfielder.

Yankees fan:

1. Not AROD
2. Mark Teixeira to platoon at 1B.
3. Brett Gardner to lead the league in stolen bases
4. Phil Hughes resurgence.
5. Derek Jeter not to play 119 games at SS for the first time since 1995.
6. Mariano to be the league’s best closer again. (OK, that’s an easy one)
7. Teixeira to get traded to the Brewers in 2014.
8. Curtis Granderson to be the Rockies’ opening day CF in 2014.
9. Ichiro to pass Pete Rose on the world’s hit list next year.
10. The Yankees to miss the playoffs and Steinbrenner to hire Billy Martin.

Drumming up Business

Me: “I have to drum up some business.”
Meghan: “How can a drum help you get business?”

March 2013

Kissybrain: A child’s articulation that elicits a kiss.


“Daddy, how do you spell ‘.com'”?

Haley, March 2013

Kissybrain: A child’s articulation that elicits a kiss.

Wealth Management and Investment Advisory Firm Seeks Mid-Level T&E Attorney

NYC-based firm seeks 4-8-year Trusts and Estates attorney seeking transition from private practice.
Estate planning, financial planning, new business development, sales. Not a “back office” position: Candidate will spend considerable time in our NJ and/or CT offices and must be professional, mature and aggressive.

Email resume and salary history to David Bruckman, Esq. Managing Director, Citrin Cooperman Wealth Management:


“Dye and Die are homonyms. ‘Dye’ is like hair coloring and “die” is when you go into dying and become an angel.

Meghan, March 2013

Kissybrain: A child’s articulation that elicits a kiss.

Roses are Red

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You love me
And I will listen to you

Meghan, March 2013

Kissybrain: A child’s articulation that elicits a kiss.

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