1977: The Year Tom Seaver Should Have Won His 4th Cy Young Award

In 1977, Steve Carlton won his second of four career Cy Young awards, based mostly on “wins”, which traditionally (and unfortunately) has been the important stat for many voters. Tom Seaver, who had an incredible finish to the season, perhaps should have won the award.

Compared to Carlton, Seaver had a lower ERA, more complete games and more shutouts. In fact, Seaver finished with as many shutouts as any other two pitchers in the league—combined.

Perhaps some voters mailed in their ballots early, as Carlton’s Phillies were on pace for 100 wins. If so, they missed Seaver’s amazing final stretch. After being traded from the Mets to the Reds over a spat with team ownership, Seaver scorched the league with 14 wins to only 3 losses. Over the last four months of the season, Seaver pitched 8 or 9 innings in all but three games. From August 6 to end of the season, Seaver went 11-1, with ten complete games.

On August 26, Seaver beat Carlton head to head.

If Seaver had not spent half the season with the last-place Mets, he probably would have won more games than Carlton (who won only two more games) and won the Cy Young. But either way, Seaver probably deserved it.

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