Free September (and October) CLEs

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Please call or email me if you wish to register for any of these upcoming CLEs:

Trusts, Estates & Real Estate: Tuesday, Sep 11
Receivers and Receiverships: Wednesday, Sep 12
Minimize Taxes, Maximize Wealth: Thursday, Sep 13
Ethical Issues in the Practice of Real Estate Law: Thursday, Sep 27
New York Liquor Laws and Liquor Licensing: October 11

To Register, contact Roy Fenichel, Esq.:; 646-695-7925

And please let me know if you know anyone buying or refinancing any kind of home or other type of property, because:

If you are buying, or refi’ing, Title is Vital wie kann man musik auf laptop herunterladen.

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Mike Trout, MVP

Mike Trout will win the AL Rookie of the Year. The only question will be where the 20-year-old Trout’s season ranks with the greatest rookie seasons of all time zeitungen kostenlos herunterladen.

He also deserves the league MVP.

When Trout was called up on April 28, the Angels were in last place, standing at 6 wins and 14 losses, and riding a 5-game losing streak imovie voor windows for free. Since then, the Trout-led Angels are 51-33 and leading the wildcard race.

Trout himself? Leading the league in batting at .353, leading the league in stolen bases with 31 (and caught only 3 times), second in OPS (Slugging Average plus On Base Average) hörbücher krimi kostenlosen. And when you factor in his hard-to-hit-in home park and look at his road numbers, he leads everyone—by a lot.

And he plays Centerfield.

Trout is clearly the best player in the league, and has spearheaded the Angels to a playoff run windows movie maker herunterladen deutsch.

Trout deserves the MVP.

Not bad for a rookie who cannot legally drink.