The Year of the Pass

In this, the Year of the Pass, can any AFC team score with New England. Pitt may have had a chance to at least generate some long drives, but now they are down to a backup RB and an injured Big Ben. Baltimore certainly could eat clock with Ray Rice, but can Flacco can go head to head with Brady? Perhaps, if the Ravens’ D can apply enough pressure on Brady.

And Denver? That ship has sailed. Denver’s defense may come to play, but they’re not going to score enough.

So look for Baltimore at New England, I think NE just scores too much.

The NFC is wide open in the sense that any of the playoff teams could go on a run. But the NFL world would be surprised if neither Green Bay nor New Orleans goes to the Super Bowl.

New Orleans hasn’t played an outdoor game up north since the first week, when the Saints lost at Green Bay.  That may tamp down New Orleans’ offense enough for QB Aaron Rodgers to win without a running game. If Rodgers can sustain drives long enough to keep Brees and Co. off the field, they should beat New Orleans….if NO can get past SF. If Eli holds up, Giants should win a home game v. Atlanta, but can JPP disrupt GB enough at Green Bay? Perhaps. but since neither the Giants nor GB can run, Rodgers gets the edge at home. GB-NO for all the NFC marbles…..Green Bay’s at home and if it’s bad weather, they’d get the big edge, unless New Orleans can sustain a running game. Think a NO or GB  vs. NE Super Bowl would be high scoring?

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