The Giants-49ers Game: Did You Know?

As a rookie in 2005, Alex Smith had 1 Touchdown and 11 Interceptions.  This year, he led the league in lowest interception percentage.

This year, Alex Smith led the league in times sacked (44, as many as Eli was sacked in 2010 and 2011 COMBINED).  Neither Eli nor Peyton was ever sacked 40+ times. Papa Archie was sacked 40+ four times.  Eli’s backup, David Carr, has the most, and the third-most, sacks against in league history.

This year, Alex Smith led the league in 4th Quarter Comebacks and Game-Winning Drives.   Eli did that one – in  2007!  (Tom Brady has never done that.)  This year, Eli was one 4th-Quarter Comeback behind Smith and matched Alex’s 6 Game-Winning Drives.

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