MLB Playoff Predictions 2011

Division Playoffs:

Tampa Bay over Texas
Is there any stopping this team? On a roll and on a mission.  Maybe it was a miracle that got them into the playoffs, but they have the starting pitching to last.

Detroit over Yankees
Never has a Game 1 been so important for each Ace and each Team.  Just don’t like CC’s post-season performance historically.  Verlander has never had postseason success, but appeared only as a rookie.  If Verlander beats CC twice, can the Yanks sweep all of the other games?

Philly over St. Louis
Pujols is great; Stud Starting Pitching is greater.  St.Louis lacks the pitching firepower to stay with Halladay, Lee, et al.

Milwaukee over Arizona
Brewers pitching gets the Ks, and the Brew Crew hitters shine at home.  Milwaukee Braun over Arizona Brains.

Pennant Fever:
Detroit over Tampa Bay
Spunky Devil Rays meet Detroit’s lineup but Verlander misses too many bats for the TB lineup to recover.  But the Devil Rays have the starting pitcher depth to stay with the Phillies’ staff if they get past Detroit.

Philly over Milwaukee
Philly starters are by now clichéd for their dominance, but starting pitching does usually win.

Philly over Detroit.
There’s only one Verlander, but there are two Halladay/Lees. Not to mention Oswalt and Hamels, and, wow, just too much.

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