If You’re Buying or Refi’ing, Title is Vital™

™Title Services and Continuing Legal Education Classes.

We issue title to anyone purchasing or refinancing a home or commercial property. We also provide free continuing legal education classes and help attorneys network for employment, more business or referrals.

And remember: If you’re buying or refi’ing, title is vital.™


Free CLE Classes for Attorneys in September

We are presenting the following accredited CLEs in September.  Please let me know if you are interested. 646-695-7925 rfenichel@kvnational.com

September 8: Trusts, Estates and Real Estate
September 13: Receivers and Receiverships
September 15: Zoning: A to Z
September 20: Coops and Condos
September 21: Air Rights Deals
September 22: Liquor Laws and Licensing
September 27: Environmental Due Diligence in Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Free CLE Class for Attorneys

Sept. 8: Free Continuing Legal Education Class: Trusts, Estates and Real Estate. Contact Roy Fenichel: 646-695-7925 rfenichel@kvnational.com