The Jose Reyes “Injury-Prone” Myth

Jose Reyes is known to many, including apparently Fred Wilpon, as a guy who gets hurt a lot.  But the facts tell a different story.

Since the age of 21, when most current Major Leaguers were still in the Minors, Reyes has played in at least 133 games in every season, except one (5 out of 6 years). And in a four-year stretch (2005-2008), Reyes missed only 15 games–Total.   This year, Reyes has played in all but 3 games.

True, in 2009, Reyes played only 36 games, but that was the only time since the age of 21 that Reyes played less than 133 games.

Reyes is a lot of things (extremely fast, otherworldly talented albeit undisciplined, an MVP candidate thus far this year, baseball’s best shortstop at the moment), but injury prone is not one of them.

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