NFL Playoffs, Week 2

Seattle at Chicago

Lightning rarely strikes twice, and usually not on the road.   Seattle needs this game to get to .500, but Chicago needs this game for respect.  Cutler’s always a wildcard, but, come on, Seattle in the NFC Championship?  Chicago 27-20.

Green Bay at Atlanta

Green Bay may be the best team in football right now.   Winning at Atlanta may well be easier than winning at Philly:  The indoor conditions actually favors Rodgers, and Atlanta is beset by injuries.  Green Bay’s defense is stout and they may have found a running game to slow Atlanta’s D.  Green Bay 27 –  17

Baltimore at Pittsburgh

Too bad both Ray Lewis and Ben Roethlisberger cannot both lose.  But this is all about picking winners, not picking on losers.   Two very similar teams who rely on defense, strong running games, a ferocious big-play defensive back and low-mistake offenses.   Home field advantage rules the day.  Pittsburgh 20-13

Jets at New England

Bad matchup and bad timing for the Jets.  Revis can take out any one wide receiver, but New England’s offense is based on not needing any one guy (e.g., they don’t miss Randy Moss). But the Jets should bring back Eric Mangenius, the only guy who seems to have Belicheck’s number the last few years.

Plus the Patriots defense may not be as forgiving of the probably-injury-related high throws from Mark Sanchez.

Unless the Jets find a way to get to Brady, and eat up chunks of yards and time on the ground, this could be a long day for Cromartie and the safeties, although nothing like the 45-3 loss.

Rex’s biggest problem is that the Jets are terrific when they have a chip on their shoulder but underperform when they get too high on themselves. How else to explain things like losing to Miami, but beating Pittsburgh on the road?  The offseason will provide plenty of time for Rex to moderate.  New England 33-17.

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Yitzy Nissenbaum says:

3 out of 4 isn’t bad – I doubt anybody could predict the jets-pats game, but lets see if you can predict steelers-jets? 🙂