World Series Prediction

Ah, post-season baseball as it should be:  Dominating starting pitching rules the day; teams without starting pitching rue the day.  May the better pitching win the World Series.  The question is:  Who has the better pitching?  Well, on paper, SF has the better 1-2-3 starting pitching punch, beginning with 2-time Cy Young Tim Lincecum (who outdueled No-Hitter Halladay), followed by Matt Cain, who has yet to give up an earned run in the post-season, then two lefties (Texas hits lefties worse than righties).  So SF wins, right?  Maybe, but not so fast.

Cliff Lee’s post-season left-handed pitching has been downright Koufaxian, no, Ruthian.  So, although Lincecum could win Game 1 by outdueling Lee (like he did Halladay), changing the World Series calculus, it’s more likely that Cliff Lee is done losing for the season, in which case, Texas looks to become world champions.

SF has enough pitching, starting pitching anyway, to send the World Series to 6 or 7 games, but in the end, it looks to be better to have one all-time-great post-season stud, 2-3 other good starters, and a powerful lineup, than to have a great 1-2-3 punch, but with a mostly punchless offense.

SF may well be title contenders again next year, as they have the best young starting pitching in basball, but this year it’s the Lee-Hamilton show.  While Texas still has them anyway.

And, we’re talking history folks.  Never before or since will the World Series and Super Bowl be hosted in Texas in the same year. 

PS: Although Roysaidit had SF losing to Philly, note this comment: “This series could go long as both teams have terrific starting pitching.”

PS2: At least the Texas over Yankees prediction was correct.

PS3: How about Bengie Molina getting a World Series ring no matter who wins, as he was traded from SF to Texas. Talk about destiny!

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