Mets Mess

Met closer Francisco Rodriguez was arrested and jailed for allegedly throwing his girlfriend’s father, Carlos Pena, against a wall and, until being pulled away by security, pummeling him with enough punches to bruise his face and send him to the hospital.  All of this occurred at Citi Field in full view of other Met players’ wives and children.   Met ownership expressed their “disappointment” in Rodriguez’s “inappropriate” behavior.  Inappropriate?  Really?  Met Manager Jerry Manuel said “We’ve had a lot of things go on here and there.”  “Maybe it’s a distraction we need,” Met Outfielder Jeff Francoeur said. “Not to say it’s a good thing. But maybe at the end of the day we can turn it into a positive. I know for him, it’s between him and his family.”

Where is the outrage for the Mets’ $12-million-dollar-a-year closer beating up his relative in front of players’ wives and children at the ballpark?  How about “unacceptable”?  How about “intolerable”?  How about suspending him for the rest of the year?  How about Mets management finally holding someone accountable for the inmates running the Met asylum?  Met fans have long given up the mantra of “meaningful games” in September, but is it too much to ask for condemnation when their players are arrested for assaulting family members in front of other players’ children?

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